Skills that work for you!

Your business, event or charity is unique… just like you, so when looking for a partner to help achieve your goals, you want someone who is honest, business savvy and just as passionate about your success as you are. Jennie will provide the dedication and professionalism necessary to captivate your audience and ensure successful results.


Jennie is an acclaimed auctioneer for charities, real estate, and fundraising events. 

SOCIAL influencing

With Jennie’s unique abilities, she can change personal behavior through the use of social media platforms.


In working collaboratively, Jennie successfully addresses issues that impact the community. 


Captivating crowds is a specialty for Jennie. Whether through the use of her storytelling abilities, gamification, or support of mobile apps, she ensures the audience is enthralled.

partner success

In today’s world, it’s not just about a one-time transactional situation. Jennie ensures a lasting return on investment and memorable events year-over-year.


There is nothing worse than an event where the audience is not engaged. Consumer perception is key and Jennie will create brand awareness and immediate advocacy for you.