Combining her career with a passion for philanthropic events, charity gatherings and rare auctions, Jennie Heal is a highly sought-after auctioneering talent.

As she captivates crowds with her English-accented storytelling abilities, attendees are compelled to laugh along with her warm sense of humor, perhaps shed a tear or two as she describes scenarios of human struggles, and most definitely opening their checkbooks in support of the organization in which the auction was designed for.

Diverse Background

Hailing from Somerset, England, Jennie grew up attending numerous auctions with her father. This helped her garner experience in a diverse platform within the auction world, including estate, cattle, antiques and antiquities auctions.


During the course of her tenure, Jennie has been fortunate to travel extensively providing her expertise throughout all corners of the world. Since 2002, she has accumulated her international sales and marketing experience, as well as honing her skills as an auction is developed, amidst the initial preparations making creative recommendations, and completing the finer nuances of the event.

Extraordinary Experience

Jennie is a graduate of the Texas Auction Academy, as well as a licensed broker, and graduate of the Professional Ringmen’s Institute and the National Auctioneers Association.


With an eloquent grace and vehement spirit, Jennie works tirelessly to help non-profits raise funds that will enable them to provide their services, assist others and extend their message further. Through her love of helping others, Jennie gets to know each organization’s mission and goals; she is then able to share that information during the live auction. She thoroughly enjoys auctioning at charity events, where it’s been said that she brings just a touch of “Sotheby’s” to the auction block.