Generating Funds for Non-Profits and Worthy Organizations with Benefit Auctions

October 3, 2013

What makes a Benefit Auction successful? A Benefit Auctioneer who understands and has a thorough knowledge of your organization. If your Auctioneer does not understand your mission, your audience will not understand your mission. Who do you serve, what is your mission, most importantly what are your goals and what will you use the funds raised at your event for?

Engaging with an Auctioneer who spends time to get to know your organization and mission is key. The Auctioneer can then deliver this message with enthusiasm and a message to create an atmosphere for people to give. Bottom line, people want to feel good, so give them a reason why and get everyone attending your next event involved regardless of their financial abilities.

The last 5 years have been record-breaking years for Benefit and Fundraising Events and auctions. Organizations attendance numbers may have been 500 in the past and now they are seeing 300 at their events. Yes, numbers are down but revenues are up. This is due to the fact that Charities and Non-Profits are becoming more mission driven.

This is a $15 Billion industry; organizations are working smarter and not harder. A lot of organizations are moving away from the sit down dinners and putting more of a buzz into their events with creative menus, music and entertainment. Their bottom line is coming up. Leave your audiences passionate about your organization and they will come back to your event next year, more importantly, they will most likely want to bring others with them.

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