Key Elements To Finding Sponsors For Your Next Benefit Auction

May 15, 2013

Attracting Donors and Sponsors to support your fundraiser can be the difference between a good event and a profitable fundraising event. So how do you find the right people?

First start by taking a look at your Organizations board members and your fundraising committee members. People will give to people they know. The same applies when you are seeking others to attend and support your organization. First start by considering who are the people that are potential donors, make a list of all the people you can think of and call them personally. Ask them if they would like to donate to or sponsor your benefit event. It might just surprise you how willing they are to support your great cause.

Next take a look at your vendors and the businesses that you purchase items from, they are all potentially large supporters. The key to creating and producing revenue at your Benefit Auction is sponsorship. By soliciting and retaining fundraising sponsors, you will add revenue and increase guest engagement at the same time. A sponsor could also provide an in-kind contribution. This is when they are actually funding or covering the cost of an expense like printing of your event “Save the Date” cards, invitations or wine, etc.

In our current economic climate, many corporations and businesses want to partner with non-profits and they also want to promote their own goods, services or programs. So think about who would be a great match up for your benefit auction mission to that of the mission of the Sponsor?

Here is an example using a School fundraiser. Look at who is your audience. They are parents and grandparents. So who would be a good match up for a sponsor so that the sponsor would have exposure to their target audience? A Bank, a Toy Store, a Family Resort, an Insurance Company, an Attorney’s Office, the list is long. The key here is finding a sponsor who is a match for your audience, who your supporters are and matching that to your sponsors needs. Sponsors want to do business and gain exposure to people that can potentially purchase their services and goods. So that’s the key to finding Donors and Sponsors for your next Fundraising Event.

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