Planning Your Next Fundraiser or Benefit Auction?

So why hire a Professional Auctioneer? Simply put… Dollars!! A Professional Auctioneer that conducts fundraising, benefit, and charity auctions will definitely raise more dollars, increasing your bottom line.

Organizing a successful benefit auction takes thorough preparation and hard work. Whether you have worked with an auctioneer in the past or are just beginning your search, we at Supreme Auctions offer valuable suggestions and strategies for maximizing your fundraising efforts. We will help explain the advantages of hiring a professional benefit auctioneer for your event, one who understands your mission or cause.
While some may think that anyone with an outgoing personality and a sense of humor can call an auction, a professional auctioneer who specializes in fundraising will make a tremendous difference to the success of any charity event.
We realize that the money raised at each benefit auction truly makes a difference for the non-profit organization and we make it our priority to assist you in having your fundraiser be as successful as possible. In addition, we believe everyone who attends your fundraiser is there to support and donate for the benefit of your event and we will do our utmost to make them feel good about raising their bid card.
Supreme Auctions Benefit Auctioneer, Jennie Heal, provides invaluable consultation long before the auction event itself, to understand the unique needs of each non-profit organization, and then customize a fundraising strategy and message accordingly to maximize your fundraising efforts.

When hiring an Auctioneer, think of them as an investment, not an expense!

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